Have a Drink ...

... with Alexander von Humboldt

At Haus Seeschwalbe, you will discover the maritime origins of Cuxhaven and centuries of our home town’s seafaring tradition at every turn. We haven’t named our rustic hotel bar after Alexander von Humboldt for nothing. The great explorer ventured on countless sea voyages in his day. Anchors away is our maxim as well. Here, you can follow in Humboldt’s footsteps with good drinks while getting to know the rich history of seafaring.

Find curiosities and rarities in every nook and cranny. Fine woods and vintage nautical instruments take you back to the time of windjammers and create the perfect atmosphere for a pleasant chat, hearty snack and a proper drink. Of course, the wine cellar is abundantly filled. And there is always complementary sailor’s yarn!


Single Double

// including breakfast //