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Windstärke 10

The former fishery museum in Cuxhaven has seen extensive renovation and extension work in 2011. The ship wreck museum, that was located in Stickenbüttel up until February 2013, also moved into the new space. The new and highly interesting museum carries a fitting name for the occasionally tempestuous seaside: "Windstärke 10” (wind force 10).
Only a few meters away, the maritime society meets at "Forum Maritim".

  (Quelle: Stadt Cuxhaven)

Shanty Choir

For fans of maritime music, we recommend the Shanty Choir Cuxhaven located in the shanty choir mess hall, Kapitän-Alexander-Straße 34. For friends of poetry, the Ringelnatz museum is a true treasure trove.


The historic passenger terminal at Hapag hangar/Steubenhöft still carries an atmosphere of farewell and departure for an uncertain future.
These days, you can marvel at the modern cruise liners anchoring at Steubenhöft.

Cuxhaven County

There are plenty of things to discover and explore in the surrounding areas of Cuxhaven.
Aside from an abundance of beautiful half-timbered houses, the North Sea spa of Wremen is also home to the curious sea shell museum and the museum for Wadden fishery.
The Aeronauticum in Nordholz has unique artefacts on display: stunning models, original aircraft and much more around the development of naval aviation.


Bremerhaven, about 50 km away, is always worth a trip. Here, you find plenty of opportunities for your shopping needs, like the Columbus Center and newly opened Mediterraneo, the emigration center, the seafaring museum, the climate house and much more.


Situated near Wanna, between Cuxhaven and Bederkesa, is Ahlenmoor. Experience the region’s largest moor on a 2- to 3-hour ride with the peat train, formerly operating for one of the three historic peat factories in Ahlenmoor.
Bad Bederkesa itself is worth a visit, with its beautiful lake, an old mill and a medieval castle.